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Are you looking for someone to help you create your personal and business online presence?
Or maybe you need to rebrand an existing one?
Do you have trouble understanding what is going on and would like to work with someone who can guide you through the process?
I can help you in this matter. I will work with you to understand your brand strategy and create an authentic professional profile reflecting your strategic thinking.

I can help to create:

  • photos dedicated to individual segments of your website
  • main photo of you and your associates
  • photos of your products
  • photos of your office, salon, store, place where you receive customers
  • website, logo, graphic materials

Are you a professional speaker and are looking to build your speaker brand? 

I will work with you to understand your professional image strategy and customize my approach to generate a professional speaker portfolio. I will also work with you during speaking engagements to capture in-action images, create a speaker real, and portfolio headshots.

Are you looking for professional branding photographs for inclusion in your professional publications and book covers? 

I will work with you to create images for inclusion in magazine articles, your books, e-books plus customized graphic material.

Does that sound like you?  Would you like to know more?

Click on the following link to join me for a one-on-one free, no-obligation 30 minutes confidential consultation

I am Ewa Zalewska and my mission is to help my clients create an authentic and professional online brand presence that grows their brand, customers, and influence.

Ewa Zalewska,
Business Image Empire

I’m Ewa Zalewska and my passion is photography!  When I am behind the camera people say “You can tell that you are in your element! You are smiling!”  For over 10 years now, professional photography has provided me with joy, new friendships, amazing experiences, and adventures.  I hope there are many more adventures to come. 

I combine my photographic experience with my professional education in economics, marketing, and graphic design to build deep customer understanding and create authentic personal and business online brands.

I work with my clients every step of the way ensuring that each client understands the process, timelines, approach, and expectations.  I draw on my love of professional photography and am passionate about making the collaboration clear, easy to follow, and most importantly, fun.

Supporting me is my fabulous team and trusted business partners.  Together we contribute to my client’s success and will work to create an approach that best suits the client’s needs.  We are there every step of the way to answer any questions as well as assists with professional styling and makeup for the photography sessions.  I work with graphic designers, copywriters, filmmakers, social media profile experts among many.  I work with my clients to establish a detailed understanding of strategic vision and business needs ensuring that the path to the new look is perfectly tailored to individual needs.  In a word, I and my team take care of our client’s brand refresh journey from A to Z. 

Branding Photo Session

Are you thinking of building a professional presence however are not sure what is involved and how to go about doing that?

Perhaps you would like to work with someone who will take the hassle out of the process and make things happen? I will work with you every step of the way and ensure that the process is smooth, painless, and enjoyable. The material created is suitable and not limited to:

  • Websites
  • Social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Brading materials such as folders, brochures, leaflets, etc.
  • Publications such as magazines, books, e-books, etc.

So feel free to book a consultation with me.

Photo Session

Do you need a new social media profile photo?
  • Perhaps you are attending a networking event or conference and would like to have updated branding material?  We all know that these days image is everything.   I will work with you to create headshots, image strategy, and authentic professional marketing portfolio.  The collateral can be used and is not limited to:
  • Websites
  • Social Media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Branding materials like roll-ups, folders, brochures, leaflets, business cards etc.
  • Publications such as magazines, books, e-books etc.

So feel free to book a consutlation with me.

Marketing Photo Sessions

** This section feels like it is repeating the previous details? Are you posting a lot on social media? Do you want to have more interaction post and have relationship with your community?

Marketing photo session is ideal for you. I can help you create dedicate posing to your marketing. You can use this material on:

  • Websites
  • Social Media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Books, e-books etc.
  • cover photos of objects, icons, actions

 So feel free to book a consultation with me. 

Indoor & Outdoor Photo Session

Product Photo Session

Do you sell products online and are planning to create promotional collateral for your online shop and product line?

I will work with you to create the product, product line, and online shop marketing material to grow your brand and create brand and product opportunities.

Do you have a car collection, motorcycle collection, or simply would welcome an opportunity to showcase your collection?  I am an experienced car and motorcycle promotional and branding photographer and will work with you to build authentic branding material to promote your collection and showroom.

 So feel free to book a consultation with me.


Are you planning an event and are looking for an experienced event photographer?

I will work with you pre-event to generate a professional online presence, during the event to capture professional event images and post-event to update your brand and promotional material.   I will work with you to design a branding and event promotional package that supports your ideas and professional presence.

So feel free to book a consultation with me.


Do you need to refresh your business image to attract the right customers?

Through taking photographs of your premises, office space, and manufacturing premises I will work with you to create an updated business image to inspire the greater trust of your potential clients.  Where appropriate I will reach into my professional partners to create the right connections to maximize your business potential.

So feel free to book a consultation with me.

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